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Pitima Tongme is the UK’s #1 Success Coach. She is the Star of IRRESISTIBLE and the Best-Selling Author of UNSTOPPABLE YOU. You may have read her featured interviews on prestigious magazines such as The Rich and Cosmopolitan. You may also have seen her sharing the stage with the world’s most influential legends such as Tony Robbins and Jay Abraham, $10 billion business icon.

Your success is her goal. She cares about you and your accomplishments. She is committed to help you live the life you love and get anything you want. She consistently delivers results through her bestselling products, world class events, and executive coaching throughout America, Asia, and Europe.

Her strategies are proven by the success of her clients and herself. She has been trusted by the most prominent tycoons to help them spectacularly skyrocket their success. Her clients are NASA astronauts, celebrities, and multimillionaires. She is empowered by your success. Whether you aim to overcome an obstacle or achieve a goal, her focus is to help you get the result you want.

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With Jay Abraham

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Her Story

Her life started out in an average way. She was raised in poverty in Thailand. She was almost homeless many times. People consistently told her that she would be an unsuccessful penniless drug-addicted school dropout who would forever live in poverty, and did not deserve a bright future. But she chose her own destiny and refused to settle for less than her best.

She received a scholarship every semester. She was featured in school magazines, university videos and national magazines. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the top university where the King’s daughter and grandson studied in Thailand. While there, she was the university representative to compete in a national competition and was sent to different countries as a spokesperson. She then moved to London and graduated with a Master’s Degree in IT. She worked on a busy trading floor at the world’s leading investment bank, JPMorgan, in London. She started her business and published a book, UNSTOPPABLE YOU and IRRESISTIBLE, which received a letter from the Queen. She was a self-made millionaire in Thai currency before she was 25.

She got to socialise with top entrepreneurs (Tony Robbins), Oscar Award winners (Arnold Schwarzenegger), Grammy Award winners (Michael Bolton), Hollywood producers (Peter Berg) and NASA moonwalkers (Buzz Aldrin). She was invited to join the Royal Enclosure.

She is living her dream. She travels to her dream destinations, does what she loves the most, stays at the world’s best luxury resorts and dines at the three Michelin starred restaurants with her multi-millionaire and celebrities friends.

She coaches people around the world to achieve their goals faster and easier than they thought possible. Her clients include millionaire entrepreneurs, NASA astronauts, celebrities, and high-performing individuals, just like you. She believes in you. Your success is her goal!

With Les Brown

With Dr John Demartini

With Keith Cunningham

With Tony Buzan

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